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Scheduling policy

1. Our tutors give their best to see that you meet your goals, we ask you to give the same effort.

2. If you need to cancel for any reason please inform 24 hours before your appointment. Use this form to inform us you can not make your session and we can reschedule at another time.

3. Please plan on showing up to your tutor session 15 minutes before it starts, if you are 15 minutes late then it is counted as no show and no refund is given.

4. Avoid guests or interruptions in tutor session, we want you to have the highest quality session


1. We collect your name, contact information and what subjects you are interested in. We also ask for feed back on tutors and how well you are doing in your studies.

2. We do not give you contact information to 3rd parties with out your consent.

3. When you visit our site a cookie is set to find out if you are logged in to our system or not.

4. We use the information you give us to find and provide you with new and better tutoring services.